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Lisa Townsend CFO Chief Financial Officer

Lisa is a Lamar University graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Her diverse background includes working with private and governmental entities, both start up and established. Lisa's experience in business administration, personnel management, accounting, payroll, computer technology, human resources, and public relations roundout her professional background. She has many years of organizational leadership, teaching, and training working with children and adults. Lisa currently is the President of The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women, on the Budget and Finance Committee and Co-Chair of the Welcome Ministry of her church. In her organizational leadership roles responsibilities include serving on and leading the board of director's, coordinating with leaders of other organization's, speaking to all sizes of audiences, planning and chairing large events, planning numerous monthly meetings, hosting membership events, fundraising, marketing and publicity, communications, budget planning, using budgets to maximize exposure, teaching and training members, and establishing relationships with candidates, elected officials and their staff. Lisa's 34 year's of professional and organizational experience are invaluable to meet the challenge of yet another industry adventure!

Jonathan Delarosa (Trig)

Sales Manager

Jon goes by many names and wears many hats. He can be found most regularly messing with our latest triggers, experimenting with ways to make uppers better, or looking for fresh inventory that can get people excited about even the most tired AR. He also is dedicated to giving our customers the best experience even if that means pointing them to another dealer that is better suited to get them what they need. This man has been with us since the beginning and we’re proud to have him with us!

Robert Pate III (Red Beard Rob)

Sales Manager

I couldn’t ask for a better guy to join our team. He is a hard worker and is beyond competitive. Rob continuously looks for ways to beat Derek Townsend II’s sales records for a whole month in a single weekend. It’s an honor for us to have him. Rob is always thinking of ways to be more efficient and show us a truly different perspective in our most challenging tasks. Ol’ Red Beard also keeps our heels on the ground when we get too far ahead of ourselves.