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Derek S. Townsend II CEO

Derek has spent the last five and a half years at AT&T as a retail sales representative. He has been heavily trained in retail sales, retail management, receiving, tracking, managing inventory, and completing daily cash deposits. Extreme emphasis has been placed on his customer service and interpersonal communication skills. Derek is also a trained and skilled contract negotiator, he has gotten us every single distributor deal, manufacturing contract, and new product line that we have. Derek was trained in outside sales by his previous employer, Buckeye International, where he was a Government Specialist in charge of finding new customers from cold calling, negotiating pricing for mass orders in municipalities, counties, and school districts. He has been eating, breathing, and sleeping the firearm industry and everything that could be associated with it over the past year and a half on top of being a lifetime hunter and outdoorsman. Derek is also a NRA Certified Basic Pistol Shooting Instructor. His thirst for knowledge in this business only continues to grow! He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 2010. He is well known in the surrounding area as a person who stands for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!