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Walther PK380 Walther PK380

85- Years in the Making. The Walther PK380 has some awfully big shoes to fill. The very first Walther .380 handgun debuted back in 1929 and in some respects, the PK380 is a legacy handgun that represents the German firm's modern commitment to lightweight, space age polymer designs. This is a traditional double action pistol that's easy to load and even easier to shoot.

At the heart of the PK380 is a locked breech design that's different from most other .380 handguns, which are classified as direct- blowback. As a result, the recoil is greatly reduced, especially when compared to pocket sized .380s-- which can be brutal to shoot. This technology has come at a price, however, as the PK380 is noticeably larger than its pint- sized counterparts. On the flip side, because the recoil is so much softer, the gun should appeal to anyone looking for an accurate, reliable, self- protection handgun.

Along these same lines, the Walther locked breach design enables the user to load a round in the chamber much easier. Just as the length and mass of the slide were increased to ensure reliability, so did the ability to easily rack the slide back.

For those with weak hands, arthritis or other physical impairments, this is perhaps the pistol's single greatest feature. Distinctive flat bottom serrations provide an outstanding gripping surface that make charging the slide even easier. The front of the frame has a tactical rail for mounting accessories and includes a factory laser sight.

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Walther PPQ M1 15+1 9MM 4" Walther PPQ M1 15+1 9MM 4"

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