Dryka Armory

Dryka Armory all started back in June of 2015 with $350. Derek Townsend II while working for AT&T Retail, decided to step out of the norm to make a little side money until the economy picked back up. He started out selling ammo and working on getting a FFL 01 license which is a basic dealer Federal Firearm License. The sales were small but he found he had a passion for this work. He worked tirelessly to get the firearms license, until it was finally received December 1, 2015. He sold the first gun, purchased for less than $350 with shipping, in January 2016. Progression was extremely SLOW after that... He decided if he was going to make a run at this, for even a side line business, he needed a better branding or marketing strategy. So, he began creating all of Dryka Armory's social media accounts. He was put in contact with Keep and Bear Arms, a black gun manufacture, in March through a mutual friend. Things began to change. Their prices were low,their products were high quality, and their service ideas were inline with ours. The Dryka Dagger logo was gathering some attention and people started asking us where they could see our stuff. We picked up other custom part manufacturers, such as Tac Con triggers, Unique ARs hand guards, 2 different cerakote companies, custom CNC companies, etc. We knew in order to grow we needed to get our product in front of as many people as possible so we began taking our products to gun shows. Now we are starting the next step of our journey and opening up to a much larger customer base! We are proud to bring Dryka Armory to you with our new online store! We look forward to taking care of all you black gun, pistol and both their accessory, needs!